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Our 618Setup program is the easiest way to configure your computer's Internet connection.  Taking a few moments to run this program will make your email and Internet connection work better.   The 618Setup program works on Windows based computers.  Mac or Apple users should call tech support for assistance.  800-497-1349

This is a very simple program that takes about 3 minutes to do. It can be summarized as:

Here are the step by step instruction with pictures. Please read and/or print these instructions

After you click the blue "Download Now" button at the end of these instruction, your computer will popup a window like this. Choose to Run or Open the program   Run Or Save
   RUN or OPEN is easiest. Optionally you can choose to download, SAVE and run the program.  Click here for download instructions.

  The program will hangup your Internet connection and this window will open.


 Fill in the blanks:

  • 'Full Name' line is used when sending emails.  It will be used to say who your sent email comes from.  Fill this line with your full name, your family name. or whatever you want.
  • 'Username' is the dialup user name you have with 618Connect.  It is usually the first part of your email address.  For example Billy Fake's email address is bfake@618connect.com so his username is bfake
  • 'Password' is a secrete you setup when you started service with us.
  • 'To Access an outside line' should be empty 
  • Check 'To disable call waiting" if you have call waiting on the phone line the computer is using.
  • "Remove Existing" will clean up old unused dialup connection and old unused or corrupted email accounts.  We recommend you use this check box to clean up your connection.
 Setup Program
 Click OK to run the setup program.  
 You will see the programs progress
 Setup Program Progress

 You can simply start Internet Explorer to connect

Just Click "Connect" to dialup 
 Dialup Connection
Click on d to start the installation

Download "SAVE" option:

 Choose Save or Download   Run Or Save
 Save the file to your DeskTop  Save To Desktop

 Run the Setup Progam by double clicking on the icon on your desktop:   Desktop Setup Icon

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